Wednesday, November 29, 2006

GRS Scheme: Too good to be true?

If you are attracted by all the radio advertisements and agressive sales talk about the high percentage return on the GRS's probably too good to be true.

A fellow Malaysian has the same experience with the GRS scheme offered by another group Lagenda...please go to his blog to find out more. Here:

LagendaGroup blogger also posted a comment on my WHAT YOU DONT KNOW ABOUT MEDA INC blog. On that blog, you can read in-depth revelations about the Meda Inc Bhd group. I post his comment here for your benefit if you are thinking of buying COVA VILLA.

Lagenda Blogger said...
Wendy, help you little bit.Go to
this site : Search for "cova villa". Option "search for all term". You can get many people comment about this project. (unfortunately all are old post. This project is not "hot" now in that forum).First of all, the Sri Utama in front of Cova Villa is not a college. It's a secondary school. I think that make big different in term of potential tenant.I remember this project because it also offer the "Guarantee Return Scheme".Nowaday this project making many advertisment on radio. I guest people may interested if you make a post on the forum to offer more detail from your site. But which site? New or Old? You need to decide. Or wait until your new site completed.By the way, I have a strange feeling that Dataran Mantin and Cova Villa have some how related.

(The website Lagenda Blogger is referring to is --> )

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